Important – please read – latest safety alert from British Rowing (March 2021): Be kind to yourself

Latest safety information from our Safety Officer, Elaine Parkin:  

Safety Notices 27Oct2020

Check out this helpful video from British Rowing re: looking out to avoid a collision:

Here is a list of important safety notices, please read and familiarise yourselves with these:

Safety NoticeSummary of Content
Advice on a head injury What to do if someone experiences a head injury, including a list of symptoms. The link included in the document is broken, use Concussion recognition tool below.
Boat handling in rough waterSome precautions to take when rowing in rough weather conditions, including launching and recovery.
Cold water and hypothermiaExpectations for all members, including dos and don’ts – important, please read carefully. Some links broken, see Safety Alert – Cold Water Kills below.
Concussion recognition toolOne page document on how to recognise concussion and what to do.
CPR – resuscitationPlease read, essential information on resuscitation for all club members.
Lightning riskHow to minimise the risk of being struck by lightning.
Safety Alert – Cold Water KillsFollowing deaths of rowers due to exposure to cold water, this alert gives useful information about minimising the risk of exposure to cold water.
SepsisHow to minimise the risk of infection and what to do.
Sunburn, heat and exhaustionHow to plan ahead to reduce these risks, what to do if affected.
Towing bar alertCheck your tow bar to ensure it’s safe before setting off
Water spread diseasesTake care when exposed to harbour water.
What to do if someone collapsesActions to take in the event that a person collapses.
What to do – collapse in boatActions to take if out on the water when someone collapses.
Winter rowing checklistThings to do as you prepare to row in cold weather. What to take with you.
Important safety information – please familiarise yourself with these documents

In the event of any incident, please complete the following incident report and provide it to Elaine as soon as possible:

Dolphin Incident Report

Constitution / Minutes, etc.

Here you’ll find further information including our Constitution, Minutes of Annual General Meetings, Safety Policies and our Rowing, Coxing and Harbour guides. Committee meeting minutes can be made available on request from the secretary.

Dolphin Rowing Club Constitution – 1.3

Dolphin RC 1st AGM – 11th June 2017 Minutes

Dolphin RC 2nd AGM – 25th July 2018 Minutes         

Dolphin RC 3rd AGM – 11th November 2019 Minutes

Dolphin RC 4th AGM – 18th October 2020 (pending approval)

Dolphin Rowing Club complies with the annual British Rowing Safety Audit and adopts “Row-Safe” as the guidance for safe, inclusive rowing in Chichester Harbour Safety documents and guidance:



Please refer to for more information.

If you are new to rowing or returning after a long break you might like to join one of our comprehensive learn to row/refresher courses. These include water based sessions and 6 hours of land/class based training covering every aspect of the British Rowing curriculum theory and practice to ensure safe, inclusive rowing in Chichester Harbour.

The next scheduled learn to row land based sessions are in Spring 2021

Our latest Covid Guidelines update. Further information is available on the Nabble Forum.

Update to members 2nd July 2020.

09Nov2020:  British Rowing has brought to our attention a document which is helpful for anyone who will be towing or carrying rowing boats (e.g. on a car roof).  While we don’t currently have any plans for this due to lockdown, please be aware of this guidance for future use:  

British Rowing guidance for towing boats