About Dolphin R.C.

A new rowing club, based in Emsworth. We specialise in sliding seat rowing and launch from Emsworth Yacht Harbour. The main objectives of the club are to introduce sliding seat rowing to Chichester Harbour, offer introductory courses for beginners and regular outings for anyone aged 13 and up who would like to take part. The club was founded this Spring following generous support from the Emsworth Residents Association and Emsworth Yacht Harbour.

Rowing is an excellent for both fitness and flexibility, giving the whole body a non-impact workout, and a beautiful, elegant way to explore the Harbour.

Dolphin RC welcomes everyone whether new to the sport or experienced, and organises regular beginner and recreational rows in both sweep and sculling boats. Our Learn To Row course leads from complete beginner to becoming part of a crew very easily, and readies you to be able to explore the harbour and keep fit.  We are affiliated to the Hants and Dorset Amateur Rowing Association, a grouping of fourteen clubs centred around The Solent that take part in events all along the South Coast from Kent to Devon.

Whether novice or experienced, the social and supportive environment of the club helps everyone have a great day on the water.


Dolphin rowing